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Lindt   Cocoa powder
Valrhona   Hot chocolate
Callebaut Truffles
Guittard Sugar free
Godiva  Dark chocolate
Dolfin White chocolate
Cote D'Or Gianduja
Best Selling Chocolate Bars

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Gourmet Chocolate
Swiss Lindt Chocolate
French Michel Cluziel Chocolate
Best Selling Chocolate Bars
Belgian Callebaut Chocolate Bars
Amedei Chocolate
Venchi Chocolate
Cacao Barry French Chocolate Chocolate
Guittard Chocolate
VOSGES Haut Chocolat
Dagoba Chocolate
Godiva Chocolate Bars
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Valor Chocolate
Amano Chocolate - American
Gourmet Chocolate Bars from Slitti Chocolate
El Rey Chocolate
Lake Champlain Chocolates American Chocolate
Pralus Chocolate
Green & Blacks Organics English Chocolate
Crio Chocolate
Belcolade Chocolate
Dolfin Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Sticks - Belgian
Bensdorp Cocoa Powder
Cafe Tasse Chocolate
Bonnat Chocolate
Scharffen Berger Chocolate
Valrhona Chocolate
Hachez Chocolate
Chocolove Chocolate
Cavalier Chocolate
Vivani Chocolate
Pernigotti Chocolate
L'Ancienne Hot Chocolate
Reber Chocolate
Hachez Chocolate
Original Beans Chocolate
Asbach Chocolate
Mademoiselle de Margaux
Artisan du Chocolat
Schladerer Chocolate
Taza Chocolate
Santander Chocolate
Divine Chocolate
Madecasse Chocolate
Vintage Plantations Chocolate
Domori Chocolate Bars
Specialty Foods

Gourmet Chocolate & Artisan Chocolate Bars - Bulk Or Small Quantities

Welcome to World Wide Chocolate, an Internet only fine chocolate enterprise dedicated to providing our customers with the best imported gourmet chocolate from around the world. We serve both bulk chocolate purchases as well as singular purchases. Our number one goal is to present you, the customer, with the best service, reasonable prices and the best chocolate available online. Our website has been designed so that you can easily find artisan chocolates from truffles to hot chocolate to gourmet baking chocolate and we have product from specific countries and manufacturers. We also offer organic chocolates, specialty foods, fine chocolate gift baskets, gift certificates and wholesale chocolate!

Again, World Wide Chocolate is dedicated to selling only the finest selection of imported gourmet chocolates, dark chocolate gifts and European chocolate gift boxes for you to buy from the world's best American chocolate, Belgian chocolate, Ecuador, English, French chocolate, German, Italian chocolate, Spanish, Swiss chocolate and Venezuelan Chocolatiers.

Discover delicious premium chocolates, speciality European chocolate foods, gift baskets, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and Italian, dark chocolate bars, organic chocolates, cocoa powder, bulk chocolate chips, chocolate blocks, bulk chocolate discs and hot chocolate to order online from the world class chocolate makers: El Rey from Venezuela, Green & Black’s from England, Plantations from Ecuador and Valor from Spain. Belgium chocolate makers: European Cote D'or, Callebaut, Café Tasse, Galler, Nirvana, Chocolove, Dolfin, Hot Chocolate Sticks and Cavalier. Italian chocolate makers: L'Artigiano, Domori, Giraudi, Venchi and Slitti. Slitti. German chocolate makers: Schokinag and Divine. Swiss chocolate makers: Lindt (including Lindt truffles and gift boxes and Lindt chocolate and chocolate bars) and Terra Nostra. French chocolate makers: Pralus, Michel Cluizel, Valrhona, Bonnat, and Bernard Castelain. American best chocolate makers: Guittard, , Amano, Ghirardelli, Dagoba, Scharffen Berger and Vermont Nut Free.

Chocolate Gifts and Chocolate Gift Baskets

We also want you to know that we can buy a wide assortment of chocolate gift baskets from WWC. We have dark chocolate gifts and other gift baskets that including chocolate truffles, gourmet baking chocolate, dark chocolate bars and other premium chocolate and truffles. Through our store you can send chocolate such as dark chocolate gift baskets throughout the United States. We are delighted that you choose to shop online today with WWC.

Wholesale / Bulk Chocolate Purchases

WWC accepts bulk chocolate purchases and provides a substantial discount. We can supply all of the brands we promote. To submit an application, please visit our wholesale chocolate page.


Lindt Chocolate

World Wide Chocolate offers a variety of Lindt chocolate. Included are Lindt truffles, Lindt Excellence bars, Lindt gift boxes, Lindt chocolate bars.

Callebaut Chocolate

From Callebaut Chocolate, WWC offers Callebaut Origine chocolate callets. We also sell white, milk and dark chocolate of Callebaut mousse powder, cocoa butter, Callebaut mousse powder, cocoa butter, Callebaut cocoa powder, praline, along with Callebaut chocolate chips, batons, Callebaut pearls, and vermicelli, Callebaut blocks. Callebaut chocolate bars, and Callebaut fountain chocolate

Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona chocolate a reknown French chocolatier of European gourmet baking chocolate including the following: Valrhona chocolate blocks and praline paste, Valrhona cocoa powder and cocoa butter and Valrhona Xocopili, Valrhona perles and feves, Valrhona batons and cocoa nibs, Valrhona chocolate bars and chocolate squares, and Valrhona gift boxes.

Guittard Chocolate

Of the Guittard chocolate line, WWC sells: Guittard cocoa powder, Guittard chocolate syrup, Guittard chocolate bars, Guittard chocolate chips and wafers, Guittard chocolate blocks, Guittard ground chocolate, Guittard dipping chocolate, and nonpariels.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate

For Michel Cluizel chocolate line, WWC sells: Cluizel chocolate bars and Cluizel single plantation chocolate bars, Michel Cluizel chocolate gifts including sardines, Cluizel baking chocolate including, chocolate chips, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, Les Mini Grammes chocolate chips, and Elianza chocolate chips.

Cacao Barry Chocolate

One of WWC's newer lines is Cacao Barry chocolate line, WWC stocks: Cacao Barry pistoles or called discs and Cacao Barry cocoa powder and cocoa butter powder.

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